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...there are still more opportunities to help students succeed in school, including new technology applications, and I am optimistic about what a tool like Cartemo can do to help students who don’t know where to turn or those who need an extra resource

Recent college graduate, tutor and beta tester

Class of 2021

"Clearly, these online measures show great promise in providing more complete answers to the ultimate question that launched research on SRL: How do students become masters of their own learning processes?"

"Online learning can be enhanced by giving learners control of their interactions with media and prompting learner reflection. Studies indicate that manipulations that trigger learner activity or learner reflection and self-monitoring of understanding are effective when students pursue online learning as individuals."

"Hundreds of studies in cognitive and educational psychology have demonstrated that spacing out repeated encounters with the material over time produces superior long-term learning, compared with repetitions that are massed together."

"Students who experienced moderate academic difficulty benefited the most from using tools that helped them plan their study behaviors. Students who experienced more severe academic difficulty benefited from tools that helped them prepare for exams."

"The transition from high school to college remains one of the most challenging arenas for generating student success in college."

"...it has new evidence behind its virtual [chatbot-led] diabetes prevention program (DPP) when it comes to reaching vulnerable patients and keeping them healthy at home."


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